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Me & Josh_SM


I am a Pacific Northwest (PNW) Real Estate consultant, and a gardening fanatic with a passion to see my clients achieve their Real Estate goals. Most days you can find me chatting, serving, or working in one of our gardens.

My love for travel and adventure started on a sailboat named Gipsy in San Francisco bay, where I lived the first portion of my life. From there, we moved to Washington and I grew up in Federal Way. Once I got married to my amazing husband, Josh, we moved to Milton and have been here ever since. We fell in love with FME (Fife, Milton, Edgewood) and our roots grow deeper every year.

Growing up my parents owned a real estate school, real estate brokerage, and property management company. They were/are one of the only live instructed schools in the area so they have trained everyone!

As a kid I would typically be found sitting in the back of a real estate class or rolling quarters from the vending machines. From there I was upgraded to making flyers and doing admin work for the various brokers. In high school I started working in the property management division and finally got my real estate license when I turned 18. Lord knows I had plenty of clock hours by then! I have been loving and serving my clients faithfully ever since! See what past clients have to say.

Customizing a strategic plan for each clients needs is so fun. Whether you are looking for a house for your family, need to navigate a dicy personal situation, or need to diversify your portfolio to build generational wealth, I have the processes and procedures to help.

With over 3 decades of combined real estate knowledge, expertise, and proven strategies backing me, I am confident that I can create and execute a strategy to help you achieve your short and long term real estate goals.    

The foundation of our business is to make the real estate process as simple for you as possible. We empower people to push through fear and minimize risk in order to make wise real estate decisions. Our team is passionate about helping people leverage real estate to fulfill current needs and build financial security for their future. We provide the best real estate and property management service in the Fife, Milton, and Edgewood area because real estate is a big investment, and everyone deserves peace of mind when making big decisions.


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You are an intelligent person, and deserve to be treated as such. The best negotiators use strategy and timing to get the best return for their clients. When you work with me, you will be dealing with someone that doesn't communicate in half-truths, manipulation tactics, or “little” white lies. I put my money where my mouth is. If I wouldn't buy it, I’ll tell you. If someone is willing to lie to or manipulate your competitor, how do you know they aren't willing to lie to and manipulate you?! I know from experience it is possible to negotiate and get a smoking deal without using any form of lie or manipulation. I tend to agree with John Maxwell and contend that being truthful and honest is the way that successful people continuously win.


 I am a lifetime student with over 14 years of expertise. Sir Isaac Newton famously said, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” Thanks to my parents’ dedication to their industry and clients, from a very young age I have had the privilege of standing on their shoulders. Thanks to them, and the thousands of brokers that I have had the privilege to glean from, Real Estate is intuitive to me now. I have taken up the mantle and continue to run my race every day.


This word comes up time and time again when people introduce me to their friends and family. To my core, I believe that everyone we meet will know something we don’t. Chances are, you don’t know how to avoid capital gains, what the best investment opportunity is as a first-time homebuyer, or how to market your property to get multiple offers… or what to say when a tenant asks for a rent discount, but that’s okay! I can guide you on all of that. We all have our specialties, gifts, and talents. Real estate is mine! I know nothing about cars, or airplanes! Heck, I can’t even work a website! (Shout out to MavroCreative!). Let’s live in a world where we use our gifts and talents to complement and take care of each other! Proverbs 27:17-27


The key to avoiding misunderstandings and frustrations is to have clear communication and expectations from the very beginning. I am a direct person which means I ask a lot of questions… especially during our initial consultation. So don't shy away from asking lots of questions back. Although I work diligently to accommodate my clients in every possible way, I will be clear about my policies and procedures, so we can come to a good understand before we move forward to the fun stuff. Ensuring that we build a long-term partnership is key!

The Basics

  • Graduated College in 2005

  • Became a licensed Real Estate agent in 2005

  • Received designated broker’s license in 2016


    My family, service, gardening, leaving this place better than I found it


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Real Estate is an investment. Whether you live in the property, or leverage it to move up… the reason we buy is to invest in our future. But what kind of investor are you? How does the idea of being a landlord sound?

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