Information to Guide Your Real Estate Journey

Home Buying for Beginners

Home Buying for Beginners

Home Buying for Beginners 6 Steps To Becoming A Homeowner Are you familiar with the cooking concept of “mise en place“? Literally translated, it means to set in place. It means that before they start to cook, a good chef does all the prep work. They check their ingredients and cooking tools, and they know … Read more

House Staging Advice from a Pro

House Staging 101

House Staging 101 What do you think of when you hear the term “house staging”? A lot of us immediately imagine HGTV episodes and Instagram feeds filled with perfect spaces. Living rooms with just the right amount of lighting and uncluttered but cozy couches. Picture perfect kitchens with the latest designer trends on point. And … Read more

Confessions of a Real Estate Agent

Confessions of a Real Estate Agent

Confessions of a Real Estate Agent Confessions of a real estate agent: this industry is complicated, energy sucking, and emotional. But when boiled down and distilled to its core, my job is to serve. Thankfully, I learned from my parents at a very young age that my job as a real estate broker is to … Read more

guidelines for social distancing and real estate

Social Distancing and Real Estate

Social Distancing & Real Estate Note: this information about social distancing and real estate in Washington State is based upon current guidelines as of May 8, 2020 as provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Washington State Department of Health, Washington State’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order” and related memos/orders, and the Northwest Multiple … Read more

Curb appeal that sells is the best first impression you can make when listing your home.

Curb Appeal that Sells

Curb Appeal that Sells Not all curb appeal is created equal. Curb appeal is the impression someone gets when they are on the curb and looking at your property, and curb appeal that sells is very important. Although HGTV has opened the eyes of future homeowners to the possibility of a diamond in the ruff, as … Read more

What Home Buyers Want is Clean and Move-In Ready Property

What Home Buyers Want

What Home Buyers Want It was a sunny Saturday morning in August 2007, and I was house hunting with some friends when I really realized what home buyers want in their new homes. If you’re thinking of selling your existing home, read on, because I think this story might surprise you. The Viewing We had … Read more

How is Covid-19 impacting real estate?

How Covid-19 is Impacting Real Estate

How COVID-19 is Impacting Real Estate 2020 started out as a prosperous and hopeful year in so many ways, particularly in the real estate industry. The spring market arrived early, and real estate was hot! Now, though, we are forced to pivot to the big question of the moment: how is Covid-19 impacting real estate? … Read more

A hand holds a magnifying glass, bringing focus to what's most important, to help the viewer in dealing with distractions

Work at Home Series: Dealing with Distractions

Work at Home Series: Dealing with Distractions This is the third post in our “Work at Home Series.” If you missed the first two, I’d encourage you to check them out: Work Zones and Managing Communication. And don’t forget to download the Work from Anywhere Workbook at the bottom of this post! Distractions. We’ve all … Read more

Learn the 7 Steps to a Stress Free Sale in this post.

7 Steps To A Stress Free Sale

7 Steps to a Stress Free Sale   You are planning to sell your real estate investment, now or at some point in the future. Most everyone sells eventually. But when it comes down to it, the idea of selling can be so overwhelming!  Where should you start to prepare? I’m going to answer that … Read more

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