Information to Guide Your Real Estate Journey

Why I Work With Friends, And You Should Too

Why I Work With Friends, And You Should Too   Do you have a policy on working with friends and family? I have been surprised by how many people have the policy to not mix business and pleasure. When the topic comes up, people bring up being concerned about the relationship being ruined. Maybe they … Read more

Market Update: February 2019

 Market Update: February Hi ladies and gentlemen, Below I’ll be going into the existing supply of affordable housing, the current interest rates, and how demand is continuing to grow in our area. Housing Supply: “The spring homebuying season is almost upon us, and if rates stay lower, inventory continues to grow, and the job market maintains … Read more

Is the price right?

Are You Sure The Price Is Right?     If you’ve ever watched “The Price is Right,” you know that the only way to win is to guess the price of the item without going over. The closer you are to the right price, the better…but if you go over at all you lose everything. … Read more

5 Important Questions

5 Important Questions   We have all had a friend or family member that wanted us to buy something from them. Makeup, clothes, furniture, and the list goes on. I personally love shopping local and love supporting my friends and family but what about that age old saying “don’t mix business with pleasure”? After years … Read more

Real Estate Vocab

10 Real Estate Terms Every Seller Should Know   Asking questions can be intimidating! But would it help you to know that you’re not alone? Say you have a classmate named Amanda, and  Amanda always raises her hand in class and asks the questions you’re thinking. Wouldn’t that encourage you to raise your hand and … Read more

5 Things To Avoid When Selling

5 Things To Avoid When Selling   Put your bright yellow buyers cap on with me and imagine you’re searching for a new home. A place you can be comfortable inviting your friends over for a birthday party, or hosting the next family holiday. You’re scrolling through the different properties online and decide to go … Read more

Market Update: January 2019

 Market Update: January Welcome to 2019!  Though changes are happening in the market, the year ahead is full of possibilities.  To paraphrase the Disney movie Up: Adventure Awaits! Changing Prices: More listings coming to market mean more competition. The dramatic appreciation left buyer’s in sticker shock last year. Now that inventory is increasing, we are staring to … Read more


The Secrets to Achieving Your New Year’s Goals   Welcome to January!! You know what the means… New Year’s resolution time. With the holiday stress behind us, it’s our communally agreed upon time of year to create resolutions and shout them from the rooftop in hopes that maybe some of them will stick. I don’t … Read more

Let’s get a little personal

Let’s Get a Little Personal This post is a little personal. Today, I am sharing about my dad’s journey with selling his house. How he came to live with my family, what brought him to the decision to sell his house in California, and what having a multi generation household looks like for us. See! … Read more