Information to Guide Your Real Estate Journey

My husband and I know how to buy real estate without losing our minds, and you can, too!

How to Buy Real Estate without Losing Your Mind

How to Buy Real Estate without Losing Your Mind Listen, buying real estate can come with a lot of liability and risk. We all know that. But wise real estate purchases also have the power to positively shape your future! Real estate is my passion, and even more so it is my goal to make … Read more

Secrets to Getting Your Deposit Back

Secrets to Getting Your Deposit Back So, you’re buying a home for the first time. Congratulations! You’d probably like to find a way to maximize your cash on hand after forking over the down payment funds and closing fees, right? I get it. It can be a shock to even the most prepared among us … Read more

Mom plus baby equals growing family, and maybe a need for The Ultimate Mover’s Checklist

Ultimate Mover’s Checklist

The Ultimate Mover’s Checklist We’ve all been there before. Overwhelmed by all the Things. Maybe it’s a tackling a big project at work, prepping for your partner’s 40th surprise birthday party, or planning to help your parent’s downsize from their long-term home. Maybe it’s all of those at once! So what do we turn to … Read more

My husband and me, seen here during a family photo shoot a few years back, have found that one of the keys to a strong marriage is our mutual commitment to stay on budget!

3 Steps to Stay on Budget

Stay on Budget with These 3 Steps! Ever wonder how some people seem to be able to stay on budget and make money multiply, while others can’t seem to save a dime? No matter your income or economic status, money is an important tool and resource. Just like any other tool or resource, it has … Read more

Buying a home can be overwhelming

The 5 W’s of Buying a Home, and How!

The 5 W’s of Buying a Home, and How! Last week I shared some information and resources about why now is the time for homeowners to prepare to sell this spring. But today we’re going to talk about the flip-side: the who, what, when, where, why and how of BUYING a home. Who? Anyone with … Read more

Young children frolic and make faces at the camera in the spring sun

Spring is a Seller’s Paradise

Spring is a Seller’s Paradise After 80 straight days of gloomy weather (yes, seriously…), we finally had a nice stretch of sun hit the west side of Washington State earlier this week. It was glorious! While it appears we have again returned to the classic PNW rain/sun mix for now, that little preview of spring … Read more

A pregnant woman in silhouette on a hill cradles her belly.

Top 5 Needs & Wants When Home Hunting

Top 5 Needs & Wants Did you know that Americans move an average of every 5 years? And according to USA Today, every year 14% of the population makes a move. That’s a lot of moving! Not only is moving a big task, it is expensive! If you rent, you’re generally looking at first and … Read more

A white cup with the word “begin” is in the foreground of a picture of a kitchen table

Peace, Joy & Success

Peace, Joy & Success While I was trying to capture just one more squeeze from my youngest at school drop-off, one of my son’s teachers asked what I did for work. I was totally taken off guard because I wasn’t in success mode, so I flippantly said “I help people through the real estate process.” … Read more

6 Questions Every First Time Home Buyer

6 Questions Every First Time Home Buyer Must Answer You’ve been dreaming of a home of your own for a long time. You’ve stalked the online listing sites. You might have even popped into an open house or two to kill some time on a lazy Saturday afternoon. And now you think you are ready … Read more