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Being an entrepreneur means that you see a void in a market and bust your tail to fill that void to the best of your ability. Creativity, imagination, and a hunger to serve are some of the traits of an entrepreneur, but here are some tips to being an entrepreneur.

In and out of the real estate industry I’ve always found myself in an entrepreneurial role. It was the early 2000s and I needed a specific cake for my first child's second birthday, and the cost was going to be outrageous… so I made it myself. People started asking me to make them cakes which evolved into a full-on baking business. People were struggling to find someone to make them a custom design without breaking the bank.

That business grew to the point that an investor approached me and proposed a financial commitment to help me start my own bakery. By that time I started seeing holes in other markets though, so my heart and mind were wandering. Other areas people weren't being served were popping up all over the place so I had to decide: will I jump into this baking business with both feet, or pivot?

The answer to that question brought up another question, one that changed the trajectory of my life. What is my highest and best overall contribution?    

Here are 7 tips I've learned in being an entrepreneur. Maybe they’ll help you sort out if being an entrepreneur is your highest and best contribution too.


No one cares about our boundaries… so we have to!


Modern business runs on technology. We need to be open-minded enough to learn the tools that support success, and diligent to lay aside any tools that aren't moving the needle forward.


Being an entrepreneur means not having a boss, yet every person we serve is our boss for a season.


There are no quarterly reviews or bonuses. Our gold stars come in the form of appreciative clients and referrals.


Talking to strangers is an honorable skill worth mastering.


Focusing on the problem we solve, tracking our progress, and continually optimizing our systems is the best way to move forward.


Sometimes quitting feels like a real option and the easy way out. But if we have persistent curiosity and a genuine concern about the people we serve, quitting won't stay on our mind too long.

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint at heart. Creativity, imagination, and a hunger to serve are some of the traits of an entrepreneur but we all need a sherpa to guide us on our journey. We can choose to be one of two people: 1) someone who marinates on the mistakes we will inevitably make and negative voices asking why we’d want to continue something so exhausting OR 2) someone who focuses on the people we serve and seeks out those that will help us map a course and clarify our strategies. Acknowledging that something is difficult, daunting, or overwhelming may be stating the obvious but who do we want to guide us on our journey? 

Let’s look in the mirror and decide which person we want to be, and then surround ourselves with them. No one can care more about our journey more than us. What is our highest and best overall contribution?

All the best,

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