How to Buy Real Estate without Losing Your Mind

My husband and I know how to buy real estate without losing our minds, and you can, too!
After decades of experience, including as home buyers ourselves with my husband Josh, I know exactly what it takes to stay sane when buying real estate!

Listen, buying real estate can come with a lot of liability and risk. We all know that. But wise real estate purchases also have the power to positively shape your future! Real estate is my passion, and even more so it is my goal to make real estate as simple as possible. So here is my bullet-proof list of steps to take to buy real estate without losing your mind!

1. Analyze your goals

No one knows your circumstances better than you. What is it that you want from your real estate purchase, and what features do you need in a property? What is your budget? What are your communication expectations for and with your real estate agent, and what is your ideal timeline to complete your transaction? Honestly assess your answers to these questions, and use your answers to create a clear path forward in Step 2.

2. Create a custom strategy

Once you know what your overall goals are, how will you get there? What is your next action item? First and foremost, find a real estate professional you can trust to guide you through with transparency and strong ethics. They should be able to help you design the rest of your house-hunting strategy to give you the leverage to get what you want, where you want, for the price you want. “Hire a good agent!” is the absolute biggest tip I can give you to be able to buy real estate without losing your mind.Some points you will want to discuss with your agent before shopping are:

      • Your budget and how much room, if any, you have to wiggle on price
      • Your status in the mortgage approval process
      • Your target neighborhoods
      • Your target home style & specific features on which you will not compromise
      • Your timeline for purchasing

3. Execute and see results

After you have your strategy, this is where it gets real. Your agent will use the road map you designed in Step 2 to start curating properties to present to you. Once you have chosen a property on which to make an offer, your agent should go to bat for you to get you the home. Once an offer is accepted, they will coach you through the negotiations, inspections, and additional paperwork that may be required by your lender. 

Throughout the entire process, they should be available to consult with you at any point when (not if…) you have any questions about the buying process. Consider your agent to be your Real Estate Coach & Advocate.


1. Analyze your goals  2. Create a custom strategy  3. Execute the strategy so that you see results!

As you can tell, most of these steps boil down to one thing: hiring a great agent. With the right person on your side, you will be well on your way to buying real estate without losing your mind.

To learn more and start your real estate journey off on the right foot, request your free Buyer's Guide today!

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