The Ultimate Mover’s Checklist

Mom plus baby equals growing family, and maybe a need for The Ultimate Mover’s Checklist

We've all been there before. Overwhelmed by all the Things. Maybe it's a tackling a big project at work, prepping for your partner's 40th surprise birthday party, or planning to help your parent's downsize from their long-term home. Maybe it's all of those at once! So what do we turn to when we need to make sure we don't miss a step when everything seems to matter? Checklists.

Checklists are my favorite memory trick.

Okay, maybe I shouldn't consider checklists to be a part of my memory...but I have found that using checklists keeps me on track so much better than relying on myself alone. A well flushed-out checklist for any task is priceless. I can ditch the checklists once the items have become habits, but with growing humans in my house I’m learning that all of us can benefit from a good ol’ fashioned list. 

With Americans moving an average of 11 times throughout their lifetime, I figure a mover's checklist is nice to have around when the time comes.   

You'll notice that my Mover's Checklist includes instructions on how to use my Listing Care Package. If you are selling your current place while prepping for your next move, this care package is an absolute must for you. Contact me today to get one in your hands and start you on the path to a stress free sale!

Download your Mover's Checklist here to ensure you have an easy move


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