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A white cup with the word “begin” is in the foreground of a picture of a kitchen tableWhile I was trying to capture just one more squeeze from my youngest at school drop-off, one of my son’s teachers asked what I did for work. I was totally taken off guard because I wasn't in success mode, so I flippantly said “I help people through the real estate process.”

I could tell she was less than satisfied with my short answer, and so was I. But we both had to go on with our days.

The thought of that abrupt conversation nagged me for weeks. I felt like I failed to share with her that I am so much more than the tasks of my day. I mean, I should be able to articulate the heart of what I do and who I am better than that, right?

But…what is it that I really strive to do? What matters to me about how I spend my days? How do I measure the success of my day when my head hits the pillow each night?

Since I am an entrepreneur, I have the luxury of aligning my version of success with my career. I decided to nail down the goals by which I can measure my own definitions of success, personally and professionally.

My career goal is: Make real estate as simple as possible for people.

My life goal is: Have consistent peace & exude joy.

If I have peace in my spirit and joy in my heart, then I am successful.

When I help people deal with the complexities and frustrations of real estate, it feeds my soul and amps up that Peace & Joy action. For some of us, peace comes in the form of an informed decision. For others it might mean the joy of a tenant application being approved.

As an entrepreneur, no one gives me annual reviews or gold stickers. I have to measure my own achievements and identify areas for improvement all on my own. In real estate, my peace could easily be stolen every single day by whatever curve ball comes at me—and believe me, they do come!

Through trial and error, I have learned that keeping my focus on my professional and personal goals, and sharing my peace and joy under difficult circumstances is always the best option, no matter how bumpy the path may be. 

The other day I ran across my achieve post from last New Year’s. I reviewed my goals for 2019 and I am so happy to report that I met 60% of them! Yay me, right?!

As I answered the questions on my Achieve worksheet, these were the words I wrote:

"For me, the fact that I get to wake up and do what I love every day, and go to bed next to the man of my dreams, and have happy, healthy babies is what I consider ultimate success. Working in yoga pants as often as possible is also a nice perk."

This past year I chased peace and joy over any other form of success. I can truly say I have never felt more balanced, happy, or able to chase these dreams that I’m dreaming.

True success to me is to be able to wake up and acknowledge the gift of each day, to live fully by serving others, and to do what I love and do it really well.

Success is coming fully alive in the work I produce and feeling fully content at the end of each day. Chasing peace and joy have been the key to the lock in my life of being “successful.”

In my younger years I would dream about the future. Dreaming and goal setting for the future do have a place, for sure. But I have also learned to value and cherish the here and now. My daily goal now is to soak up the moments that I am so privileged to be a part of.

How do you view or define success? What are your goals for 2020?

All the best,




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