5 Biggest Mistakes When Selling Real Estate

Grumpy baby because they made mistakes when selling real estateSo, you are thinking about selling your house, and you want to know how to sell it quickly. Or is your home already on the market, but you’re not getting offers? I am here to help! This post will teach you about the 5 biggest mistakes when selling real estate, and how to avoid them so you can get those great offers to come in quickly.

But before you get to be a successful seller, you must think like a buyer.

Imagine your excitement when searching for a new home. You dream about a comfortable place to have your friends over for a birthday party, or you want to host the next family holiday event. You scroll through different properties online and decide to go see a few in person. 

Now ask yourself, “What differentiates these properties for me?” 

In other words, what helps a buyer filter through all of the properties they see online, and what compels them to see a listing in person? And even more importantly, why do they skip the listings they skip?

After decades of witnessing just about every listing faux pas, misstep, and bad marketing strategy out there, I’ve compiled this list of the 5 biggest mistakes when selling real estate. Read on to see what to avoid, and let’s get your property from one they browse online to one they are compelled to see in person!

Mistake #1: Waiting to market

In today’s social media world, there are plenty of ways to create intrigue before your house officially goes on the market. Make sure your property is marketed and targeted on social media platforms to the right audiences in a timely manner. Preliminary marketing and preparation are just as important as the actual marketing itself.  Don't know the difference? Ask your agent for their detailed marketing plan, including how they create momentum for your listing before it ever goes live in the MLS.

Mistake #2. Showing only by appointment

I gotta’ tell ya’ friend, the most common reasons a listing doesn't get shown is because there is a “by appointment only” requirement for the listing. 

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to want to show by appointment. However, if there are only a few hours each day the house is accessible to be shown, then the likelihood of the buyer viewing and making an offer on another home goes up dramatically. 

To ease the anxiety of showings, I’ve come up with a seller’s care package that cuts down on the anxiety.  There are other options besides showing by appointment and keeping a figurative open door for people to traipse through unannounced. So understand that if you require an appointment, there are some buyers that will never take them time to see your property in real life.

Mistake #3: Posting the wrong photos

A clear, beautiful picture truly is worth a thousand words. Clear, properly composed photos are critical to communicating a property’s value to prospective buyers.

And not only do you need great photos, but you need photos of the right areas! 

Places like kitchens, living rooms, and other areas of the property that stand out should be the only photos listed. You want to encourage them to come to see more, not give it all up at first glance. Strike the right balance with online images to encourage real showings of your listing.

Mistake #4: Ignoring curb appeal

Thanks to shows like Fixer Upper, the DIY craze has inspired and empowered an entire generation to take on home renovations instead of buying brand new. What this means to existing properties is that they no longer necessarily need to take a shot in the dark and guess what a buyer would want, like new floor coverings or kitchen counter tops, in order to receive offers. If a Buyer wants to remodel anyway, they likely won’t care if the house is turn-key.

But the one thing that people will notice right away and draw them to come inside to see more is the first impression. The curb appeal! 

Add some symmetry to the front porch with plants. Consider painting your door a bold, bright color. Clear out the dead shrubs, and maybe spread some grass seed. Remember: that first impression might be all you get when selling, so make it count!

Mistake #5. Not working with a professional

Everyone knows someone who sells real estate. The threshold for entry into the field in Washington State is very low. If you’re serious about selling your property for top dollar, work with someone who has a heart to serve, and the background to cover your ASSet. If you have a friend that is a real estate agent you are considering, check out my list of the 5 questions you should ask yourself before working with a friend or family member.

Here’s the deal: if you want to sell your property for top dollar, you need to speak with someone who can reduce your anxiety, help you take calculated risks, and bring you from just another property on the market to a property that will actually sell. 

Think you’re ready to make the jump and get your home listed to sell?

Get the 7 secrets to a stress free transaction here!

All the best!




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