Why I Work With Friends, And You Should Too

Why I Work With Friends, And You Should Too


Do you have a policy on working with friends and family?

I have been surprised by how many people have the policy to not mix business and pleasure. When the topic comes up, people bring up being concerned about the relationship being ruined. Maybe they had a deal go south and it ended the friendship, or their obnoxious cousin, Shelly, can’t help but pitch her new MLM, which ruins the family gatherings. Sometimes it’s as simple as not trusting that your friend or family member is an expert in their field.

All of these reasons have definitely crossed my mind over the years, and I have chosen to not work with certain friends or family members in the past. But this post is an explanation of why I continue to work with friends and family as often as possible:

There is no need to feel awkward!

You already remember each other’s names. You already know each other’s preferences, and there is no need to impress each other or feel silly asking questions. You’re just talking to your friend!

Communication is seamless.

Balancing work and personal life can be a bit of a hassle, but I love what I do, so chatting about real estate in social settings isn't an issue for me. We already know each other’s preferred form of communication, and what is reasonable for everyone involved. Sometimes people will apologize for asking real estate questions when we are just hanging out with our kids, but truly, it's no bother. I'm probably thinking about real estate anyways. 

The custom service is ideal!

I love having friends know me well enough to notify me of something that might serve me or my family. Typically, I live real life with the people I work with, and my friends are able to educate me on services that I may need but didn’t even know were an option.

I get to celebrate with my friends when they reach milestones.

There is nothing better than helping and seeing someone I love and care for succeed.

Honestly, working with friends is my favorite. In fact, most clients that are referred to me end up becoming friends! Sometimes it’s not a great fit, and that’s okay. But after years of practice I have been able to navigate the bumps in the road and keep the relationship intact. You know that old saying, “communication is key”? It’s so true! Being able to communicate your needs clearly is so important to any professional or personal relationship.

Find out the questions I ask myself BEFORE I decide to work with a friend or family member.

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Market Update: February 2019

 Market Update: February

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

Below I'll be going into the existing supply of affordable housing, the current interest rates, and how demand is continuing to grow in our area.

Housing Supply:

“The spring homebuying season is almost upon us, and if rates stay lower, inventory continues to grow, and the job market maintains its strength, we expect to see a solid spring market.” Mike Fratantoni Chief Economist at MBA.

Housing Supply 19'

Interest Rates Decrease:

Due to interest rates remaining low, and inventory increasing the Chief Economist at NAR, Lawrence Yun, the Chief Economist at Zillow, Aaron Terrazas, and Freddie Mac all agree that the supply and demand is leading us into an increase in existing home sales. New construction home sales are expected to remain flat. Existing home prices are continuing to appreciate, but it is at lower levels than the last few years. The market is not depreciating, but the rate of appreciation is decelerating.

Feb Interest rates 19'

Low Inventory:

Our biggest challenge is the availability of supply. Low inventory coupled with sustained demand creates an opportunity for sellers to capture a higher sales price due to less competition.

Best price to sell

2019 will be a great year to capitalize on your properties equity.

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Is the price right?

Are You Sure The Price Is Right?



If you’ve ever watched “The Price is Right,” you know that the only way to win is to guess the price of the item without going over. The closer you are to the right price, the better...but if you go over at all you lose everything.

In today’s shifting real estate market, where inventory is catching up with demand, properties need to be priced just right or buyers won't even entertain them. Listings will need to employ the same strategy as the game show: be the closest without going over!

Over the last six months, new construction inventory has increased,  but we still have a shortage of existing homes on the market. This is especially true in the Fife-Milton- Edgewood market. Although home values are still appreciating, the rate of appreciation is leveling out.

Homeowners who make the mistake of overpricing their properties will eventually have to drop their price. This leaves buyers wondering if the price drop was caused by something wrong with the property, when in reality nothing was wrong, the price was just too high to begin with!

If you are thinking about listing your property this year, let’s get together to price it right from the start. Learn more about the process of selling your property Here.

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5 Important Questions

5 Important Questions


We have all had a friend or family member that wanted us to buy something from them. Makeup, clothes, furniture, and the list goes on. I personally love shopping local and love supporting my friends and family but what about that age old saying “don’t mix business with pleasure”?

After years of serving people, I’ve come up with a way to find out if working with someone will be a good fit, regardless of if they are a friend of family member. The first step is to visualize that person, then ask yourself…


Is this person an expert in their field?

Malcolm Gladwell discussed becoming an expert in his best-selling book, “Outliers”. He proposes that it takes about 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert at any given topic. That’s about 10 years. So it takes about 10 years of intentional, mindful studying and practice to finally be able to claim expert status. Look at any given field. Electrical, beautician, auto mechanic, clothing designer, ect. When considering an investment opportunity, I’m forced to ask myself “has this person done the work and put in the time to become an expert?”

Is this person trustworthy with personal information?

If someone gossips to me, then the chances are high that they are gossiping about me to someone else. Sharing stories to communicate a point can be done in a way that doesn’t violate someone’s trust. When I consider working with someone, I always take into consideration how they speak of past client relationships. I have decided that I only partner with people who are transparent and honest enough to give it to me straight, but not too boisterous or open mouthed about personal information… especially about an investment or big decision. A real estate agent should ONLY be speaking with you and their designated broker about your transactions. Period. No excuses.

Can I ask questions without being made to feel stupid?

Every profession has inside language. Heck, every FAMILY has inside language! If someone is specialized in a field, they should feel secure enough to explain it to me in a way I can understand. If they aren’t willing inform me or take the time to answer my questions, I probably don’t want to work with them. Especially if it’s a financial investment! A sure-fire sign of expert status is that they can clearly lay out the stages or process to their profession without inside language or jargon.

Can I accept constructive criticism from this person?

This goes hand in hand with being able to ask questions. If I am going to trust someone with my time and money, and they have the heart of a teach and want to help me, there are bound to be things that come up where I just don’t know what is best… typically it’s because I don’t do it full time! So if my electrician is able to explain the rationale behind a process, I’ll probably trust their experience enough and go with their opinion. This is only after I am secure that they have my best interest in mind, not their bank account.

Is this person level-headed in difficult situations?

Financial purchases can turn emotional real quick! I have found that a big portion of my job is to help keep people grounded and focus on the facts at hand. If someone folds under pressure
over small matters, it’s safe to presume they will fold under big matters too. Making sure you have a level-headed viewpoint is so important when it comes to negotiating repairs and closing terms. You need someone who can help find solutions.

If your answer was no to any of these questions, then it sounds like you probably need to have a conversation with this friend of family member. If it’s not a good fit, that is okay! Explaining to them ahead of time that you are concerned about the relationship being at risk is a totally valid. Any friend worth their weight will understand and may even have the same thoughts.

On the other hand, if you were able to say Yes about the person you were visualizing, then it is probably fine to work with them! Personally, I have found that friends and family members tend to do a BETTER job and care more about protecting me than someone that I don’t have a connection with.

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