The Secrets to Achieving Your New Year's Goals


Welcome to January!!

You know what the means… New Year’s resolution time. With the holiday stress behind us, it’s our communally agreed upon time of year to create resolutions and shout them from the rooftop in hopes that maybe some of them will stick.

I don’t know about you but setting and achieving New Year’s resolutions, in the past, hasn’t always been that easy for me. Sure- Shouting them from the virtual rooftop is easy, but achieving those goals is way different than just throwing them out to the world and praying something works out. After years of refusing to set any more resolutions, I’ve decided to re-phrase and be more strategic with my goal setting.

Here is how I am cracking the code on my New Year’s goals:


In preparing for the New Year, I did some digging into where our new year’s resolution came from and was surprised to find out that the Babylonians were the first people to set resolutions over 4,000 years ago! The most notable differences between their tradition and ours is that their year didn’t begin until the middle of March, when they planted crops and that they actually DID SOMETHING to achieve the outcome they wanted. This was not just a fun little annual game they played. Preparing for the new year was vital to their survival!

Maybe you’re like me and your first thought was “What does a tradition from 4,000 years ago have to do with us in 2019?!”

But then I remember when I first started gardening 3 yrs ago. I planted stuff in the wrong spot so it wouldn’t have enough sun, or sometimes the plants would have to much sun and get burnt up! And even after learning what plants liked what kind of light, I planted some beautiful flowers to close and instead of thriving like I wanted them to, they were crowding each other out and producing way less fruit than I was wanting.

Gardening is just a therapeutic hobby for me, but what if my family’s survival was dependent on those plants producing as much food as possible? You betcha’ my gardening journal would be full of notes from previous years failures and wins! I really think the Babylonians were on to something, so I’ve decided to try this new year’s thing again.


It's not about what you want right now, it’s about what you want most



We all want to live intentionally and thrive. But, being intentional can be difficult! The time factor is what throws a wrench in my plans every time. So, what should we do? Schedule it in. If I say something is a priority, then I need to plan and prepare for it! Google calendar has been a huge help for scheduling more efficiently.

Writing down goals is proven to increase our success rate. So let's do that too!

Here are the 6 areas of my life I will be planting seeds and scheduling time for watering:   Personal, Spiritual, Professional, Intellectual, Financial, Physical

The S.M.A.R.T goals framework is my prefer method of clarifying: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound


Working with a 12 month lead time is just to much for me. Working with quarterly, weekly, and daily goals worked great for me in 2018 so I will be bringing that over into 2019. It’s okay if you get off course or need to re-frame your goal structure along the way. The goal is not to create this rigid timeline… but rather to spend time clarifying what matters to you and working towards those goals every day. Our years are made up of how we spend our months, months are made up of how we spend our weeks, and our weeks are made up of how we spend our days. Make them count!

All of us want to harvest the fruit - that’s the fun part - but unless we are planting and watering, we will never be able to reap! Setting New Year’s resolutions is like a fun game we play. Rarely any risk and rarely any reward. I want to challenge you to be an achiever this year, and not just another goal setter. I made a planning guide to help us with setting and achieving our goals, maybe it will help you too... enjoy!!

All the best!

Let’s get a little personal

Let’s Get a Little Personal

This post is a little personal.

Today, I am sharing about my dad’s journey with selling his house. How he came to live with my family, what brought him to the decision to sell his house in California, and what having a multi generation household looks like for us.

See! It’s a little personal! But I’m not all business… so here goes.

How my dad came to live with my family

In 2016 my dad’s wife passed away. After 23 years of marriage, 7 kids and 10 grandchildren, a child’s death, and beating a typically fatal illness together, my step mom went home. Her being gone left my dad heartbroken, which led to some difficult circumstances and decisions. They were best friends and overcame a lot together.

Why he chose to sell

On December 27th of 2017, my dad fell and hit his head on the concrete so hard that he had 7 brain bleeds. After months of praying and treatment, he eventually woke up. He was getting stronger every day and it seemed best for him to leave the hospital and move in with one of us kids, so I flew down to Sacramento and drove him back to Washington! I had flown down 12 times in a 5 month period so I was glad to start finding some stability again.

After a few months of healing, he decided to go back to down to his house in California and spend some time. While he was there, he realized that it was time to sell the house and find a new adventure.

Our new normal

When he arrived back in Washington and let me know that his house was for sale, the reality hit me hard. I reviewed his listing contract and helped him sort through the different phases of a real estate transaction. This past week was so serious. We flew down to his house on Tuesday, and within 5 days we cleared out the accumulation of 5 generations. We are so grateful to friends and family for helping out! Needless to say, it was emotionally and physically exhausting.

The house just closed yesterday, and we are finalizing the paperwork and figuring out what it looks like to live together as 3 generations under 1 roof. Truth be told, he is a great house guest. He and I did not have much of a relationship while I was growing up so we are getting to know each other in a unique way.


2018 has been a difficult year. I have been stretched and wrung out more than I have ever experienced before. Family is a strange thing – we all view it differently and the titles of the different people in our life can stir up all sorts of different emotions and memories. My personal and professional skills have been tried every step of the way this year and I can honestly say my compassion and humility have grown far greater than it ever could have without the trials we have gone through.  Maybe that’s the “take joy” part of Romans 5.

It seems like life is just that way – trials WILL come. Situations WILL go wrong. But how we react to those realities is what refines us.  I heard this phrase and just love it:

When you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice

When you squeeze a lemon, you get lemon juice

And when you squeeze a human – whatever is stored up inside comes out.


This life will never be perfect. We are guaranteed to have valleys and mountains… but the choices we make every day are what make up the stuff that comes out when we are under pressure & being squeezed.

My goal is for compassion and truth to come out when I’m squeezed. I have a LOOOONNNNGGG way to go, but I’m closer every day. What comes out when you’re under pressure and are required to perform?

Market Update: December 2018

 Market Update: December

With the markets shifting again, and clients calling about where we are at in the market, it's a good time to look at the market overall.


Graph 3

Our inventory challenge is starting to change, which is great news for buyers… and is causing a shift in thinking for homeowners. Homeowners were seeing 6%- 12% appreciation over the last few years and that is starting to level out. Price is determined by supply and demand so as the supply increases, and the demand stays the same, the appreciation rate is going to stabilize.


Graph 1

Over the past 12 months, we have seen dramatic price spikes in King & Pierce county. Buyers were offering full price, and getting beat out by people paying far above asking... but things have started to change. The chart above is the home price percentages appreciation projections from Home Price Expectation Survey, Zelman & Associates, Mortgage Bankers Association, Freddie Mac, the National Association of Realtors, and Fannie Mae.


Graph 2

The rental market has been flooded, which has driven up the price of rentals. This price increase, has caused a 5.5% increase in loan applications in the past three months. This means renters have been saving and are starting to prepare to purchase. Over the past two months, we can see the market starting to shift and more renters will be entering the home ownership market.

Do you have any questions about how these stats will be affecting you?

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