5 Easy Winter Tips


Winter can be a formidable foe, but these 5 tips will help you be ahead of the ball this winter… instead of behind it.

1. Store your outdoor tools

Detaching your hoses and storing them somewhere covered for the winter will extend their lifespan. It would also be wise to cover your spigots with a faucet cover so the winter cold doesn’t get into your pipes and cause unnecessary damage.

2. Remove dead plants & cover with leaves

A lot of plants, such as hosta’s and bulb flowers, will die back in the winter. If you want these beautiful plants to return better than when you planted them, cut back the dying part cover them with a thin layer of leaves. Adding to much could cause rot, so I like to gather the fallen leaves from our neighborhood and tuck my plants in for the winter. This will protect them from the frost.

3. Winterize lawn with a slow release fertilizer

Cut your lawn for the last time until next spring and lay some slow release fertilizer. This will feed the grass throughout the winter and make it ready to start growing strong again first thing in the spring.

4. Make your spring project checklist

Have you ever woken up in late march and felt frantic to get your spring projects started? Planning ahead with a checklist can really help you stay focused on the priorities. I hang mine up on the frig so we can start the spring season off right and budget appropriately. Note: Late fall/early winter is the best time to plant some bulbs! I always plant tulips, garlic, onions, and daffodils. Perfect for an early spring harvest!

5. Service your furnace

Propane and natural gas furnaces are the most common source of heat in the United States. If maintained properly, they can last 15-20 years… sometimes even longer! Serving your furnace every year will help the efficiency, and it only takes about 30-45 minutes.

With one big Holiday down, and one more today go, I suggest taking a few moments to reflect on what your property needs. None of these are difficult or expensive task’s but they will help you be ahead of the game and prepare you for a beautiful spring.

Click here to Download your winter checklist 

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All the best!

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