Thank You Grandpa Whalen


Being in the military is risky, and we all know it. Yet our Military men and women face those risk’s head on!

Have you read Brigham Young University’s study that showed first marriages of combat veterans is 62% more likely to end in divorce or separation than a civilian marriage? 

A recent analysis of suicide rates found that about 30 veterans per 100,000, are lost to suicide each year. The civilian rate of suicide is 14 per 100,000 lost each year. You may or may not have known those stats, but we all know the harsh realities. Joining a branch of military does not only effect those who serve, it effects their entire family for generations.

At the ripe age of 18 Colonel Richard Whalen, my Grandpa, joined the Army and was sent off to Belgium. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge alongside his fellow Military brothers and sisters and they assisted in freeing the captives of the nazi regime. In the freezing winter of 1944, this young man carried gas cans by foot up and down the hill or Normandy until the gas trucks arrived. He then transitioned to assisting with transporting the gasoline by caravan.  Grandpa shared with my cousin Monique, one of his many amazing grandchildren, that there were times he was so cold that he was concerned about putting weight on his feet, for fear that the bones might literally shatter from the cold.

Thankfully, my Grandpa made it back to the States safe and sound. He got married, had 8 beautiful children, and continued his military service. Even now, at 94 years of age and retired, he travels to participate in as many events as possible. His children, and grandchildren are blessed by his faithfulness to serve and be an example. Being a military member is a family affair, it means that the entire family serves and sacrifices, so this Veterans Day, I would suggest not only thank a Veteran, but maybe even their parents, spouse, or children.

Looking back from the revolutionary war to the Afghanistan & Iraq war, more than one million veterans have sacrificed their lives to protect our country and our freedoms.

I am so grateful to my Grandpa and the sacrifice his family made to protect our freedoms. My family will be showing our gratitude by partnering with Wreaths Across America to lay wreaths at a local VA cemetery, and we will be delivering pies as a simple gesture of our appreciation. 

How will you be showing your gratitude and celebrating our heroic men & women this Veterans day?

All the best my friends!


P.S. Do you, or someone you know serve in our military and would enjoy a pumpkin pie delivery on Nov 21st?  Click Here to Claim Pie If you have a Veteran that lives in the 98354 Zip Code, we would love to bring a pie as a small token of our gratitude.

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